Left to Right: Al, Dr. Barker, Cody, Jennifer, Kendra, Karmen

Rock Solid Athletics is owned by the Barker Family, Jennifer Porter, and Al Gamboa. Dr. Craig Barker wanted a gymnastics facility that could love kids the way God loves us. He believes gymnastics is a great foundation for any sport and even life. Dr. Barker, with the full support of his wife and two kids, reached out to Al and Jennifer who are experts in their field. Al is an amazing team gymnastics coach with many years of experience and dedication and Jennifer is a nationally rated judge excellent at managing the craziness of Rock Solid.

The owners are a fun group of people who have a passion for helping kids fly and glorify!

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Address: 6205 43rd St Lubbock, TX 79407 Contact US:
806-795-ROCK barker@rsa-gym.com